respect for the raw material


Italian products

Those who choose +39 Gourmet have the opportunity to go on a real journey! For us it is important to give a taste experience through memories and surprises made of flavors and aromas. Precisely for this reason we pay the utmost attention to the choice of ingredients and raw materials. We choose quality products that arrive from Campania every two days such as ricotta and buffalo mozzarella or provola from the Lattari Mountains of Agerola. We respect seasonality by purchasing fresh products not only from our land but from the Italian culinary heritage.

when passion
leads the hand
pizza has a unique flavor

We create our pizzas in full respect of the ancient Neapolitan tradition: tasty, light and above all digestible. The manufacturing process is important and begins with the choice of flours, of which we use two compounds.
Each dough provides 18 hours of pre-fermentation and a subsequent 36-hour leavening at a controlled temperature. We also keep the hydration at 70 – 75% to then offer a surprisingly light pizza to the table.